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Chris Hambor has for many years been instrumental to the Phoenix Companies strategic financial and tax management. I have found him to always be available when urgently needed, timely in delivery of required information and always calm and level-headed in his communications. Though being at a smaller company than others we have worked with, Chris has always provided superior specialized knowledge and never made a mistake (while finding several from our prior vendors). We are proud to describe Chris as a strategic partner to the Phoenix Companies.

– Brett Schaffer, President Phoenix Capital, Inc.

I’m a business consultant and I’m a retired CPA (but I don’t do tax returns). In the course of my work I’ve had to make referrals to CPA’s . Although I work with a lot of CPA’s, I usually refer people to Chris based on his level of knowledge, previous experience, industry experience, thoroughness, and ability to offer superior service at a very reasonable price. In fact, I personally use him to do my business and personal tax returns. He offers valuable advice (both tax and business) and I look forward to continuing my relationship with him.

– Jeff Prager, Cash Flow Engineering, LLC

Chris has proven to be been a huge asset for EZPZ. He is extremely well-versed in the tax space (as well as accounting) and has been specifically helpful in dealing with a number of multi-state tax issues. Outside of being extremely responsive, he understands the challenges of small business owners.

– Lindsey Laurain, Founder EZPZ

I have owned and run my own management consulting firm, Valant & Company, since 1988 and have been working with Chris since early 2013. Chris Hambor and Singular CPA Services are of the highest quality in terms of performance, delivery, and value. Anyone looking for a worry-free, responsive, reliable, and timely CPA service would be very hard-pressed to find a better Firm.

– Laurence B. Valant, Valant & Company, LLC