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Real Estate

Real property investments continue to provide unique tax benefits to its owners. There are many ways that real estate ownership can be structured and maintained to take advantage of these benefits. It is extremely important that you are familiar with the tax implications before acquiring real property as the structure of the deal, your intentions and changes to your level of participation are all relevant. We understand the complicated tax rules that exist and put our clients in the best position to maximize these benefits. From the acquisition, to the operation, to the sale of the property, it is our job to inform you of the laws and minimize your tax liability. We navigate through these tax laws, specifically including the real estate professional designation, the Obamacare tax, the acceleration of expenses related to repairs and improvements and utilizing the like-kind exchange rules to defer income taxes. We provide the following services to our real estate clients:

  • Real estate professional designation – provides advantageous tax benefits
  • The Obamacare impact on real estate investments
  • Repair regulations – expensing the costs of repairs and improvements made to real property
  • Like-kind exchanges to defer tax liabilities
  • Self-rental rules – Owning an operating entity and the accompanying real estate
  • Analyzing the differences between second homes, vacation homes, and rentals
  • Estate planning strategies
  • Accurate and timely tax preparation services (including K-1 preparation and disbursement)
  • Proactive tax consulting services
  • Financial statement preparation, compilation, and reviews

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