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Mortgage Banking

Our team has over 15 years of experience working with the mortgage banking industry. Unlike many industries, a number of the Federal and state tax laws directly relate to the mortgage banking industry. When these rules are applied correctly they can produce significant tax savings but if they are applied incorrectly, they could put your company at risk. During our experience of working with mortgage banking entities, we have helped clients claim and receive millions of dollars in refunds in addition to hundreds of thousands of dollars in future annual tax savings. Our goal is to make sure that our clients are in compliance with Federal, state and local laws while also minimizing their tax liabilities not only today but also in the future. We provide the following services to our mortgage banking clients:

  • Apply appropriate tax accounting methods to minimize taxes and comply with Federal and state tax laws related to mortgage loans held for sale, mortgage loans held for investment, mortgage servicing rights, interest rate lock commitments, hedging instruments, reserve accounts, REO properties and deferred compensation
  • Utilize state industry-specific statutes to minimize state and local tax obligations through revenue sourcing and cost of performance standards as required by respective jurisdictions
  • Accurate and timely Federal and state tax preparation services
  • Proactive tax consulting services
  • Financial statement preparation, compilation, and review

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